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Thank you campaign

In 2016 I was unemployed for a while and I was going out of my mind. I wanted to find a way to refocus my mind. I decided to do something that made me feel good. That was to focus on the men and woman who serve and protect us. The men and women in the armed forces, the police, the fire brigade, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and lifeguards. All of these people do a job that protects and serves us all and yet in society, no matter which society you are in there can be a big discrepancy of the support that is there for them. Why? some would say because of their history but in the world today no country could function without them and these are the people who put it all on the line to look after us. So I say thank you to them.

On Twitter, I say #ThankYouForYourService and write letters to all who I can find who have served their community, city or country, no matter which country it is.

Why not check out the blog at Thank You Campaign and if you know anyone who should be thanked please contact me


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