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Day 9 – Personal Lockdown – Day 1 Quarantine

So I developed the COVID-19 symptoms and I was told today that they are typical with all the other ones. I had a doctor call me today to check up on me because I am asthmatic and she was concerned about the breathing. However, she is satisfied that the breathing is more concerning when I am moving around so she told me that I should limit moving within reason. I am fine with that because all I want to do is sleep.

The thing I have to do is to make sure that I eat because Doctor told me to eat no matter what it is. I need the energy. The cough is driving me a bit nuts because my head hurts when I get a coughing fit.

The fever is the worst part of it. It bloody Yo-Yos. It goes down and then it goes up and down again. I would like it to go down and stay down… However, I think I am going to have a while to wait. I hate being sick but with this, I have had to make sure I do ok.

The key thing that I have been told is that once the fever goes then contagiousness should be gone which is something I am hoping is true. It is important to make sure I protect everyone around while also looking after myself.

Please if you develop symptoms stay home, call 111 and do what you have to do.

To all those asswholes who are walking around coughing on first responders saying you have COVID get a grip because if you can leave the damn house you do not have COVID. You are badly raised and your parents should be absolutely ashamed and if their not then their probably a disappointment to their parents. In a time we should be pulling together you have raised kids who think it’s ok to cough and spit on elderly people and first responders when if they got sick they would want everyone to help. All should be ashamed.

Remember Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives!