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What Social awkwardness and Confusion feels like

#Autism Social awkwardness and confusion is like listening to a joke that you do not understand. You don’t know whether you are supposed to laugh or not and it makes you feel so strange. You don’t want to ask for an explanation because you do not want to look dumb and you don’t know how the joke maker will feel about you asking.

Another way to look at it for all those Trekkie fans out there is that it is like being like Commander Data on the Star Ship Enterprise only instead of wanting to be more Human you want to be more normal. I often find that when I am in groups of people I want to be able to converse like them but I worry that I do not have the capability and I am always scared I will say the right thing, in the wrong way and offend someone. Then I worry that I won’t know that I have offended them. So, just like Commander Data, I look the same as everyone else but I am always striving to be more like everyone else. #Autism can make you feel so alone even in a crowd of people. #StarTrek#BeingNormal