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The lost generation – Autism

There are some seriously big issues with people who have been lost in the system. I was one of them. When I was younger the only people who got diagnosed as autistic were boys, violent girls or low functioning girls. This led to the image that Autism was a boys problem which it was not. There were those of us who knew how to “mimic” normal behaviour a lot better than others.

As such, I got forgotten by the system. No one knew why I had trouble making friends, troubled socialising and other issues. I was born in 1986 and I spent most of my life trying to figure out my way in the world. This caused me problems. I created images of what a good employee would be and I would work so hard to make sure that my family and colleagues would not know that I was “defective” but I just got so run down. I would get so run down I would end up getting so depressed that I would get signed off and leave my job.

Because of certain situations, I was unable to get my early years of information. The process needs to be amended to cater for those who need help. It would mean that there would be situations where the forgotten are unable to get everything they need for a formal diagnosis and stuck in the land of Inconclusive.

I was lucky. Even though I got inconclusive, I had a statement that said “in my professional opinion she is very likely to be autistic but without early years information we are unable to say officially. She should be treated as if she had  a complete diagnosis.” This has helped me get the support I needed until I had to move however, how many people who do not have this kind of sentence in their report. How many people are stuck in that limbo?