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Dangerous Dogs

Dogs are mans best friend however, some dogs are more dangerous than others.

We all know that certain breeds of dogs will not be covered on home insurance but why is this? The reason is they are punished for behaving the way they do.

The reality of it is that some dog owners like to have these dogs but do not take the proper precautions. Then these same geniuses wonder why they are getting into trouble and ultimately the pit bull, or the Doberman or any other “dangerous dog” gets the blame.

For me, if I had a pitbull etc I would never take him out unless he had a muzzle on so there would be no chance of them biting anyone I would have a second fence, or, add extensions to my fence so no one could accidentally lean over and get bitten. The dogs would never be off lease without a muzzle and I would make sure that they were properly cared for. Taking these steps means that you reduce the risk of them attacking.

I saw a responsible owner today who went to sainsburies. Instead of tying his pit up outside the shop he cracked windows in the car and left him there. When he was back at the care he would talk to people but keep his dog on a very short leash. He warned everyone who was passing by if the dog growled and made sure that everyone around was safe.

Dogs may be mans best friend but when will man start being dogs best friend?



What do you all think about age in relationships?

I am torn right now. I have a nice guy talking to me and yet I keep thinking he is only 21 do I want to bring this guy into my world of crazy?

I also know, from working in the NAAFI what a 21 year old Soldier is like, do I really want to go back to the wild and wacky days of that? I just dont know. He is nice, doesnt look bad and he is nice… I need advice here people!

Gender Identity – Continued

I made a post earlier (a while ago) where I discussed my issues over gender identity. This was a big step for me. It is not something that I am used to being open about. I took it one step forward this week, I spoke to a colleague about it and she informed me that it is in line with the label “gender fluid”.

The definition of Gender Fluid is “denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender”. This is generally how I feel on a day to day basis. The idea for me is that even though I was born a female I don’t always feel like it. Until my last relationship where I was “forbidden” from buying men’s clothes, I had both men’s clothes and women’s clothes in my wardrobe. When I had to go to work I would go out in what I was expected to be seen in but when I was at home it was a toss-up between men and women’s clothes. I would go with whatever felt comfortable with at the time.

Because I was unable to wear the clothes I wanted to all the time, I started displaying some more masculine traits during my last relationship. If someone did something that offended me I would be more of a brawler and acted more like a man would, especially when it came to protecting female friends. Although, this gave me the image that I was not a feminine woman which was a turn off to men, which whilst I was in a relationship was not a worry but now I am single again, is a concern.

However, I was the other day called a very feminine woman, the reason behind it was I crossed my ankles at a meeting. It was such a surprise to the person who saw it that they felt they had to say something. I do not know how to feel about it really.

I do have one thing to say, even if I am gender fluid, it is still me. I am still the same person who I was 10-20 years ago however, I just don’t identify one way or another. I, do, however, respect the gender that I was born into and the struggles that the gender I went through to get the rights that they have now.