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Kudos to be Given – Thank You Campaign

So I know this will probably earn me some hate back so in advance I say get bent if you try and bring me down.

I read that there are some States in the USA which are refusing to follow a seriously discriminatory law passed by Donald J Trump. To those who are refusing to get rid of any Trans-Gender service men and women to you, I say Thank You. A commander and chief need to look at the bigger picture as well as making sure that their country is represented well on the global scale. If you are being discriminatory then you are doing your country a disservice. You are making your country look like they are bigots and on the world stage, this is wrong. What is next? Bringing back prison time for the crime of being Gay?

So to all of those who are not following this disgusting law, I want you to know you are respected by this woman and #ThankYouForYourService.