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Follow up from the Move

Hi everyone.

I thought I would give you an update from my move. It has been a while since I moved in now so things are going ok. I am trying very hard to be independent and it can be very difficult. When I am having issues with my disabilities that is something that I find hard when I am on my own. When I was living full time with my parents they would help me out and now I have to sort things out myself.

I am doing things however for myself. I am traveling between Chatham and London and I get out for the HUB when I am working. I work from home as well.

It is hard and trying to get the support I need however I am doing the best I can.

Just an update for you all 🙂


I feel empowered

Today I have felt empowered. My mum brought a new hover. She paid £500 for it and I used it for the first time today. It is the first time in tears that I have been able to hover anything. The old hoover we had meant that I have to stop every 2 minutes, sit down, and rest for 10. This one I was able to hover my entire room in one go and not need a break… #Invincible

A week of crazy

So this week coming I have a lot to do and unfortunately I will be working from home the whole week. It can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. Luckily I will be seeing my support worker tomorrow and I will be on a training course as well on Thursday.

Happy days.

My holiday really has imprinted on me my need for self-care so I am doing more to support myself and help get myself more independent. This includes getting a shopping trolly so that I can go to Sainsburys when I need to and not wait for online orders for everything. It also means I am getting a 4 wheeled laptop bag so I do not have to carry much on my back to avoid extra pain. Lastly, I am going to start using buses more and fewer tubes which means that I will be walking more in between as well..

Clearly, my holiday has empowered me to do more and try and claw back some independence.