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Autism Cheat – Present buying

Am I the only one out there who gets flustered when you ask someone what they want for Christmas or their birthday and they say “surprise me” or “you know what I like”. I don’t do vagueness. Never have and never will. Now I know that that is part of my autism.

So a cheat that I have learned about is making a Wish List. But, it doesn’t stop there. You get everyone that you buy presents for to create a Wish List as well.

Take for instance Amazon. I have a Wish list set up there and I have set it so that any time someone buys something from it, it clears off. I have also asked my brother to do one, my mum to do one for her and dad, and I will be asking my sister to set some up for her, her husband and her kids. This way when it comes to shopping for Christmas I can peruse their wish list and get items that I know they will like.

This is a cheat around having to be frustrated with Neurotypical people who just don’t quite understand that the vagueness is not something we as autistic people can handle. It also means that I know when it comes to birthday and Christmas, I will get something that I actually want instead of something that I might not necessarily want or need.

For anyone who does not know how to set up an Amazon Wish List, let me know and I will skype you and talk you through it.



4 days to go

I have been desperate for a holiday for a while now and on Friday morning (So I am counting today) will be 4 days before I have it. I havent had a holiday in a couple of years. A holiday where I choose where we are going and decide on what to do. When I was in my last relationship I always went where he went. I would also take annual leave when he went away to avoid any late night phone calls making me so sleepy for work. So this is a big step in doing things for myself. I am looking forward to it in a big way. Gotta get dressed and get to work though so I will write more tomorrow morning.