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Beth Chapman

So, I have wanted to write this since I heard the news that Beth Chapman had lost her battle with Cancer but I did not know the words I wanted to use.

I first saw Beth Chapman years ago when I started watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. I was going through a real tough time mentally and physically and honestly did not know what to do. I was so low that I honestly considered doing something stupid. I was flicking through the channels and then got to Dog the Bounty Hunter and I thought should be interesting because they had Ozzy Osbourne doing the theme song.

I watched these guys and gals chase down this fugitive and I saw Beth really get into it with her and the family. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But then in the car Beth was talking to her about God and how she can change her life around and he is there for you no matter whAt. Honestly I was amazed. Not too seconds ago I saw her swearing so much you couldn’t understand the sentence because it was bleeped out and now she was showing so much love and compassion that I cried. I must have been in tears for like 30 minutes.

From that day I chose to be like Beth. When I needed to be tough I was and when I needed to show compassion I did. I saw that day that just because you are short or bigger then others or swear like a trooper you still matter and what you do to others still matters. Even if you loose your way there is always someone to welcome you home and that is God.

I followed Beth and Dogs journey from that day on and have been inspired every day. Between them they brought back my love of God and my faith in humanity. I am sad that I will never get to meet Beth now until the day I hopefully get into Heaven but I like to think she can see me now.

Earth may have lost an amazing woman but heaven gained an angel. She is up there making sure no fugitives escape there!

Dwayne Chapman: I doubt you will ever read this but I want you to know in the off chance that you do. Beth is still watching over you and the family, and you are strong and you can continue your amazing work. Just remember she hasn’t gone forever, she has just gone ahead of you to make sure everything is perfect for when you get there.