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Thought of the day 19/01/2020

Today’s thought of the day is to discuss what happens when you have been affected by fire. We have seen this oh so much and there are more and more people who are affected so what do we have to do to get through?

Having witnessed Grenfell fire and now watching Australia burn, I have come up with my own way of coping and that is to know that I have a go bag no matter where I am staying. My go bag is not complete yet as there are things I would like to put in it that I am unable to at the moment put in but currently my go bag consists of the following.

1. Spare change of clothes; 2. a phone charger for my phone; 3. a jumper; 4. some snacks; 5. a copy of my insurance policies, bank accounts etc; 6. A dosette box with a weeks worth of medication so that if I need to I can still be covered till I can get replacements; 7. A list of all my medications; 8. Landlords details

What I would like to have in my go back is a phone that I can use so I don’t have to worry so much about making sure I grab my normal phone. Cash so that I will not be left without anything;

These things will not stop you feeling concerned once you have survived or witnessed a massive fire, what it will do is give you some comfort to know that should you be in a position where you have to get out of the house quickly due to a fire that you are prepared and you are not left without anything. After witnessing Grenfell burn and seeing the awful situation that the survivors found themselves in, I want to do everything that I can to make sure that no matter what I am covered. It reminds me of the 5 P’s “Poor planning equals piss poor performance. I will avoid this situation so that I can avoid everything that could cause me issues.

Be prepared and you will hopefully never be caught out.