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Letter to the UK

To my fellow country men and women,

I know in the last few days we have heard many troubling stories about Mr Dominic Cummings and has been compounded by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is refusing to ask for his resignation. I know there is anger at the blatant rule for us and another one for the rich but this is not what we need to be focussing on at the moment.

The truth is that social distancing and being separate from those in our household has curbed the rate of infection. Ignore what the idiots in Westminster are doing. It is important that we need to get this right and be there to get rid of the virus and keep it under control whilst we wait for a vaccine.

So, I am asking everyone in this country to do the following;

  1. Keep self-isolating if you get the symptoms
  2. Keep up the social distancing
  3. Keep away from people who are not in your household
  4. Support our NHS

We need to do what is right even if those who run this country are not doing what is right. It is important that we keep this virus under control. It does not matter what your political affiliation is, your job, your social status this virus is unforgiving and does not discriminate.

We need to keep our people safe and we need to make sure that we do what we can. Please keep your cool and please do what is sane and useful for this country.

Please do not let this country go into chaos!

Thank you

Dominic Cummings Shame

Honestly I am seriously disgusted by what I have read about a Politician here in the UK. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Dominic Cummings decided that he would break lockdown which was by that point law and travel from London to Durham to spend time with his parents. Dominic Cummings, according to the news, had been diagnosed with COVID-19 when he decided to break the law.

Mr Cummings has been an avid campaigner for serious reform in the Civil Service claiming incompetence and corruption. Yet I have failed to see any news story where a Civil Servant has broken the law by breaking lockdown. The Civil Servant actually value their security clearance and being arrested for breaking lockdown would affect their ability to work in the Civil Service. Yet, a man who claims to be better then the Civil Service broke lockdown.

Mr Cummings should be asked forcibly for his resignation. He should also be investigated for Criminal Negligence as who knows who he could have infected on his way to his parents. If his parents contracted COVID-19 and not survive he should be arrested for Criminal Negligent Homicide.

I do not care what your political affiliation may be. Breaking the law whilst in Public Office is a breach in public trust. No politician is above the LAW as such he should be treated like the criminal he is.

I would say this no matter what political party the politician came from if you break the law, you are not above it and you need to be treated as the criminal that you are.