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Shielding is not as simple as just staying at home

I have been hearing some negativity recently around shielding. People saying that shielders have it easy, they just have to stay at home. It is not just that and unless you are shielding you do not know how hard it is, especially for those of us who live alone.

I was told by our local covid team after I had covid symptoms that I needed to stay inside partly because of being asthmatic and partly because of ALL the medications I am on for various other issues I have. Unfortunately I had to argue with them about the realism about this. I live alone and I was like, “I cant not check the post, someone might see an over flowing mailbox and try and break in” also “I cant not take my bins out, that would be a wellbeing issue.” When you live alone and shield these are all the things you have to take into consideration.

I have not been able to have a hug from anyone since I started shielding. You do not realise how much a reassuring hug is missed. You may be in lockdown with your family but I am here 24/7 7 days a week with no one to hug me to tell me it will be all right.

Those people who are taking the easing of lock down for granted and having parties, going to the beach etc dont realise what they are doing. You got these freedoms back before us shielders. Whilst you were buying your stuff for parties and risking it, I was sat at home watching TV.

The only people I can have in my flat are contractors who need to fix things. Once they are gone I have to deep clean the places they have been and where possible be in another room whilst their here. It is not fun.

Shielders have finally started to be allowed out of their homes to goto the store again and what we see are the people who are abusing their freedoms and being selfish. I went outside to the store for the first time in months and I had to have a face mask on, I had my gloves on, I had to have every bit of skin coverered that could be and others were walking around devil may care. People ignoring social distancing at queues and in car parks it is disgusting.

What happens when a second wave comes. You may get locked down and only allowed out once a day but for shielders we wont be going out at all because the risk of catching covid could kill us. Your selfishness is causing us heartache and it really needs to stop.

Be sensible, social distance and do what your supposed to do. If you are ignoring the precautions in place I would ask you to make it known on social media so that when you get sick and need a ventilator we can ask you if you realised you were an asswhole.

Day 21 Lockdown Day 14 Quarantine Part 2

I got my new food parcel today and I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised. From Medway Council, I got an Easter Egg with it. I was so happy to see it because I had resigned myself to no easter egg this year and there it was. I am now going to have to ration it because who knows when I will next be able to go out and buy chocolate.

I just want to say Thank You Medway Council 🙂 You have made this a little more bearable.