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Day 21 Lockdown – Day 14 of quarantine Part 1

So today hopefully will be the last day of quarantine however I have been advised to stay inside anyways because I am prone to Chest Infections. I missed a few days of blogging because I was starting to feel lonely and hopeless but had a long chat with a friend in the states and that revived my spirit of survival.

I have also been thinking about myself and my autism. I have never been good at taking compliments. I have started analyzing why and I have figured it out. I DONT UNDERSTAND COMPLIMENTS! I get complimented at work all the time and I never understand why. For me, I am doing my job and your saying I am a star. I don’t understand because I am doing what I am paid to do.

Has any other person with Autism had this trouble understanding compliments?

Day 20 – Lockdown Day 13 Quarantine

Today is day 20 of my lockdown. I have been stuck inside for 3 weeks now. It is day 13 of quarantine and soon I would normally be allowed out, however, because of my health conditions I am stuck inside till lockdown is completely lifted. Even then I probably would be stuck inside. My only connection to the outside world is currently the internet and people watching.

It is easter and this is the first time I will be on my own with no easter eggs and no means of getting one 😦 However, I am starting to live stream church services which is helpful so that I will be able to listen in and continue following my faith

I am thankful for all the angels that have been there to help me and continue to survive 🙂 They are blessed 🙂

Day 12 & 13 of Lockdown & 4 & 5 of Quarentine

I was unable to post yesterday so I am posting today and yesterday.

So I have some good news. After speaking with Social Services for two hours now I have been referred for food parcels and I got my very first one today. I am so happy to have this. I was starting to panic about food. It does beg the question, what can I make out of some of the food that I have been given. What can you make out of parsnips??

Fever is down again and I am happy to say that the cough is subsiding. Everyone seems happy with the way my health is going which is good. Now I have to just focus on not loosing the plot by the end of the pandemic.

Work have been very supportive which has been amazing. I am however struggling to find things to do.

Stay safe out there and keep well.


It is 12:07 when I write this so officially into the next day of quarentine. I am starting to feel better if not a little over tired.

The coughing that started on sunday has calmed down alot and the fever is still yoyoing but it is going in the right direction.

My voice is starting to come back if only for my sanity to be going. I spent 20 minutes last night laughing at the fact that no matter which way you break the word viagra down it still sounds like your saying viagra. I broke it down in two ways Vi ag ra and Via gra. That is the state of my sanity atm

Please everyone take this Lockdown seriously. My cousin who has a defect in her heart shows signs of Covid now if she goes down hill it could kill her. We already had to bury her brother from a car accident 5 nearly 6 years ago and now we have to face losing her too. All because people are being asswhole. Pleas do your part.

Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives

Day 8 – Personal Lockdown

So today I developed a cough and what the doctor said was a mild fever – YEAY THE ASTHMATIC HAS COVID SYMPTOMS!!

So on the advice of the NHS 111 service, I have to stay indoors for definite for 14 days. I am on antibiotics, steroids, and asthma inhalers. 14 days I have to figure out how I get my bins put out because I can’t keep the full bins in my flat for 14 days. Don’t think that would be too healthy.

Positive side I have had lots of people offering to help me out whilst I have to stay indoors for 14 days straight. 😦 Need to make sure I get enough sleep and enough liquids to keep my body hydrated.

The outpour of support has been amazing. Even had someone go and collect my medication for me and drop it on my front door for me.