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Golden Rule for meltdowns – Personal View

So, I should note that this will likely change from one autistic person to another. But whilst the method may change, the principle still remains the same.

Since my diagnosis in 2018, I have had to find ways to cope. The biggest thing that I have struggled with is meltdowns. How do you survive a meltdown? For me, my meltdowns come in stages.  These stages are different levels of severity.

What I have learned helps for me is music. Whilst I was on holiday, I was getting stressed and didn’t have my music with me (dopey me left my phone at the hotel). I had an overexcited day doing things that I never thought I would ever do and then was on a boat where people were speaking VERY LOUDLY and I was on the verge of a meltdown.

Any other time I always make sure I have my phone with me for the music because when it is on I am able to zone out and calm down. So how can this work for you? try finding something that ALWAYS calms you. For me its music, for you it could be screaming, or singing, or using a fidget spinner but always keep it with you. Don’t be afraid to use it and you may find that your meltdown may be staved off.

If any of you try this let me know how it goes for you.