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Dangerous Dogs

Dogs are mans best friend however, some dogs are more dangerous than others.

We all know that certain breeds of dogs will not be covered on home insurance but why is this? The reason is they are punished for behaving the way they do.

The reality of it is that some dog owners like to have these dogs but do not take the proper precautions. Then these same geniuses wonder why they are getting into trouble and ultimately the pit bull, or the Doberman or any other “dangerous dog” gets the blame.

For me, if I had a pitbull etc I would never take him out unless he had a muzzle on so there would be no chance of them biting anyone I would have a second fence, or, add extensions to my fence so no one could accidentally lean over and get bitten. The dogs would never be off lease without a muzzle and I would make sure that they were properly cared for. Taking these steps means that you reduce the risk of them attacking.

I saw a responsible owner today who went to sainsburies. Instead of tying his pit up outside the shop he cracked windows in the car and left him there. When he was back at the care he would talk to people but keep his dog on a very short leash. He warned everyone who was passing by if the dog growled and made sure that everyone around was safe.

Dogs may be mans best friend but when will man start being dogs best friend?


Being Different is not BAD

One thing I needed to get myself together to understand what it is that is “wrong” with me. However, it was not till I understood that there is nothing wrong with me I am just different to everyone else around me.

I get very emotional over some things. That isn’t bad, it just means that I can get really sad. The thing that I am sad most about is when I see an animal who gets killed in the middle of the street. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with me. It means my mind deals with this kind of things differently. Same for TV shows. There are certain episodes of shows that I can not ever watch again because they make me so sad that I cry. The logic side of my brain knows that its fiction but I just can’t deal with what is being shown, example, the episode in Criminal Minds where Hotch’s ex-wife is killed by the Reaper… I can NEVER watch that episode ever again.

I have uber senses (if only my eyesight was one of them). It’s not bad, it just means I avoid situations where I am likely to be affected… It’s not bad, just means that I am different.

Differences make you who you are and that is something that we all need to accept. If we were all the same, we would not have the breakthroughs that we have in art, science, music and many other things… If we were, all the same, we may as well be wearing gray jumpsuits and all have numbers instead of names.