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Corona Virus

I never thought I would have to write this, and it is aimed at those who are in the UK however, after what I have seen in the news I feel that it needs to be said!

We are at a stage where we have a new virus out there. There has been so much guidance as to what to do if you even THINK that you have caught the Corona Virus and yet there are people in the UK who seem to ignore the advice. This is so selfish of them because, if you ignore the advice, you are risking other peoples health!

So if you are in the UK and think that you have caught Corona or have the symptoms here is what you have to do!

1. Call 111 and explain to them your symptoms! DO NOT GO TO A&E AND DO NOT GO TO YOUR GP!!!

2. If they tell you to self isolate then goto the BBC and watch the video as to best practice for self isolation and make sure you do it properly

3. Do what they say and do not play the ignorant game of “I can’t afford to self isolate so I won’t”

by ignoring the guidance and doing what you want you are risking the infection of people who you do not know and this is selfish. At the moment we have only had 20 cases here in the UK but by ignoring the proper course of action you are risking more. The mortality rate is higher in people who are elderly or have underlying conditions so think about the people you see when your out and about. Does the old lady down the street from you really need to catch the virus just because you cant be bothered to do the right thing? These guidelines are there for a reason people

I would urge everyone no matter what country you are in to read up on the best courses of action to take. Lets not end up with an apocalypse style panic where all the stores are drained of food and no one goes out at all. If you take precautions and do what you have to do then this outbreak will soon be over.