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It starts with a question

It starts with a question. Just one question. It isn’t even a tough question, its easy. Do you want to know what that question is? Well, the question is: How are you doing today?

How simple does that seem to you? Yet many people believe that it is such a difficult question to ask. People who have disabilities do not need you to delve into the nitty gritty but just the simple act of asking how you are doing can mean a lot.

For me, when I am having a tough day I often feel like I want to curl up in bed and shut the world out. There are times I want to shut down and honestly feel like disappearing. Many people see this and just ignore it. They put the onus on me to reach out and that is something that I just am unable to do. Just someone asking how I am doing would be enough for me to actually say, I am not doing so good but thank you for asking.

When you have a disability it is very hard to reach out. You always feel like you shouldn’t reach out because you have to be the same as everyone else but having a good support network around you is always really important. Find your support network so that you do not always feel alone.


Ryanair – Disgusting

So, I have just heard that Ryan air has caused problems for an autistic child. Seriously angry about this because as an Autistic woman who has been treated poorly by an airline I know how stressful it can be. The fact that they are passing the buck to the airport is disgusting. If the Ryanair people were not to fault why did they not find a way to get them home.

From my own experience, I know that the airlines work with the airports for all their passengers and if one fails they all fail.

Ryanair needs to apologize and the people who laid hands on him need to make sure that their staff training is better…much better. I am never EVER going to fly with Ryanair.

Women Vs Men on personal safety

It is a well-known fact that woman has to be extra careful when they are traveling alone because any number of things can happen to them as most offenders in crimes such as rape are male perpetrated. Before I get everyone jumping down my throat, I know men are victims of rape as well and it is highly under-reported because of the times, however, men are more likely to fight back against their attackers with a higher probability of winning than a typical woman.

The difference between men and woman can be seen as night and day. I will use my ex as a prime example. My ex is a 6″ something giant with big muscles. When he traveled on his own this would be what he did.

Put on headphones and listen to music and ignore the world.

When he got off the bus to go home he would walk to the gate before he even gets his keys out.

Whereas me, when I am traveling this, is what I do.

  1. When I leave work I look 360 degrees at all time. I don’t put my headphones in till I am on the tube.
  2. When I get off the tube I make sure I get the bus when I am able to so that I don’t have to go up any side streets.
  3. Before I get off the bus my keys are in my hand. This is so that if someone attacks me I have something that can do some damage to hope that I can get away. Also, it means that at the entrance gate to my estate I don’t have to worry about being jumped whilst looking for my keys.
  4. When walking on the streets if I see any shadows or hear something or see something that makes me concerned I wait for people to pass me or duck into a shop.
  5. If I am on my own in the flat as soon as I get in I lock the front door.

The difference is night and day. We should not be in a world where this is the way Women have to travel.

With this in mind, anyone in North London please look after yourself with the rapist on the loose. Look after yourself, avoid travelling alone and if that is not possible set up some support network so people know where you are likely to be in the event of an emergency.

Kudos to be Given – Thank You Campaign

So I know this will probably earn me some hate back so in advance I say get bent if you try and bring me down.

I read that there are some States in the USA which are refusing to follow a seriously discriminatory law passed by Donald J Trump. To those who are refusing to get rid of any Trans-Gender service men and women to you, I say Thank You. A commander and chief need to look at the bigger picture as well as making sure that their country is represented well on the global scale. If you are being discriminatory then you are doing your country a disservice. You are making your country look like they are bigots and on the world stage, this is wrong. What is next? Bringing back prison time for the crime of being Gay?

So to all of those who are not following this disgusting law, I want you to know you are respected by this woman and #ThankYouForYourService.

Disability is not a dirty word

There are people out there who believe the above is true. It is not. Having a disability simply means that you have something that makes you different. For me I have 4 disabilities ranging from physical to developmental. I do not see it as a bad thing. I see it as a reason to push myself. I always push myself to my absolute limit because that way no one can bad mouth me or indeed tell me that what I accomplish is anything less than awesome. Whether this is as simple as being able to hoover my room or getting a promotion. All victories are received and dealt with the same way 🙂 and that is with excitement.

Disability is not a dirty word and anyone who makes you feel less then you are because of your disability is not worth the time of day x

The Autistic Brain

Through talking to other autistic people I feel like I can say this with confidence. When you have to get something out you gotta get it out. I regularly find myself with songs stuck in my head and the only way to get it to stop is to sing it. It is important for me to get it out otherwise I get stressed out.

Before my diagnosis, my ex used to get frustrated with me because we would be having dinner and then I would just start singing something. Before my diagnosis, I did not understand why I did it, but now I do and when I need to get something out, I just gotta get it out. Sometimes it has to be a couple of times before it goes but it goes away eventually.

Just remember if you are autistic and you need to get it out just do it. Don’t be concerned about the people around you. It would be worse if you kept it in and that lead to a meltdown.