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Why I love Supernatural!

I decided to do a “fluff” piece today about why I love Supernatural. It has nothing to do with disabilities or anything else. I feel that this needs to be said.

So why do I love Supernatural? The short answer is Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. (sorry if names are wrong am dyslexic).

You may be thinking to yourself, “yea course she loves the actors”. You would be right, the Actors are something that everyone loves in a show and these 3 are amazing on screen together. But, this is not the only reason I love these 3 men.

Outside of Supernatural these actors do amazing things for their fans, raise money for charity and post some amazing videos. During COVID-19 they could just say “fuck it” and stay off social media but I have seen personal videos where they have shared things with their fans. They do not have to do this after all they are celebrities. It makes my isolation a little better seeing it. They truly appreciate their fans as well. How can you not love people who say, “I know I am an actor but I will appreciate the people who got me here”.

My only regret is that I will probably never get to meet them in person. I mean I am in the UK and because of COVID-19 I won’t be travelling anywhere any time soon. I will even be spending my birthday alone 😦 . Secretly Jensen, Misha and Jared are on my celebrity wish list of randomly getting skyped and find they are on the other end haha. However I think a lot of people have that same wish and if they did it for everyone we would NEVER get another episode of Supernatural again. But, knowing that these 3 actors do what they can for their fans is amazing and it makes me want to just watch all their videos again and again and again for instance, the one where Jensen finally comes on to social media in front of a whole audience 🙂 HILARIOUS.