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Dreams keep the hope alive

Dreams are always a good thing. Honestly I stopped dreaming about being rich when I finally realised the saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plan!” is true. Just because you you have plans it does not mean that they are what your supposed to be doing.

I still have 2 dreams which I want to share with you all.

Dream one (if I had the money) I would rent a flat/house with extra bedroom. I would then apply for foster carer status. Whilst I went through this process (and if I got accepted) I would buy a piece of land and build a home with multiple bedrooms. I would then ask to take in siblings who were at risk of being split up in the care system. I want to provide a stable home for those who do not have the love they should be getting whilst keeping siblings together. Going into care is rough but when you get split up from your only siblings it has got to be rough. I would teach them the value of money and teach them how important school is. I would lastly make sure that they gained a good work ethic as well. This is my first dream.

My second dream (once I had achieved the first dream) is that I would buy a second piece of land. Large enough to hold a bunch of flats. These flats would be kitted out and I would reach out the Veteran organisations. Any person who served in our armed forces that were on the streets now I would offer them a place to stay. They would be given help to claim benefits until they could get a job, get medical help, and get back on their feet. They would be helped with managing their money and saving so that they could get a place on their own. These men and women give everything for us and they need the help to get back on their feet. This would be my way of helping them. It would not be a free ride. If they were on drugs or drink they would have to go to rehab before they could take a flat and they would get into the habit of paying rent and claiming housing benefits. The rent would be kept really low so that they would not have to worry about making payments.

My two dreams are about helping the people in need. I have seen enough kids fall through the crack and enough of our service men and women who need help and cant get it. We need to do more.

I don’t play the lottery because I cant afford it but one day if I was ever lucky enough to get money I need to do this I would do it in a heart beat. These are my dreams. They keep hope alive even in my darkest hours.