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I know I am writing this after many many other posts and you will think that this is just a ploy to get more blog readers. The truth is that I didn’t know what to write until today.

I will start by saying, I am a supporter of the Police across the globe. However, that does not mean I support all police across the globe. It is true that whilst the Police especially in America has come a long way since the days of lynch mobs there are still people who join who have a racist agenda and allow those feelings and beliefs affect their job. Those rotten apples who continue the cycle of police brutality by doing what we have seen recently with George Floyd deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This now does not represent the behaviour of all police officers however, and, the ones who do not condone this kind of disgusting behaviour are the police officers that I support.

In the UK if you want to be a Civil Servant and also believe in the BNP party you are actually disqualified from serving and as Civil Servant. I believe that all Police Forces have a duty to find those Police Officers who still hold on to their racist ideology and kick them out or disbar them from ever joining the force.

What happened to George Floyd was disgusting. A life was taken by someone who is sworn to serve and protect. This officer broke his oath and became a murderer. He should be punnished to the full extent of the law. His wife has filed for divorce and taken the kids. I think she is a brave women. She saw what her husband did and said I will not stand for this absolute disgusting behaviour and left him. Those out there who know this woman I ask that you support her and protect her and her kids from any backlash because she clearly believes that Black Lives Matter. If she did not then she would have stood by her husband.

I know the issue of Racism in the States is a complicated issue and it has stemmed from history where Black people have had to deal with some seriously disgusting and horrific behaviour. Your current President does not seem to accept this as something that needs to be dealt with as I hear he tear gassed protestors so he could get a photo opportunity.

What I would ask every Ethnic Minority person in the USA to do is get registered to Vote. Once the election comes round rally your communities and stand up and say no more. Stand up and say we do not want a President who is a racist. When a local election comes and you vote for your local leaders make your voice heard.

I know peaceful processes fail but when you understand where your best chances are for getting change then you will be able to affect it. Focus your efforts on the SWING STATES!. Find out how many people of colour there are in your swing states and campaign to get them to go out and vote. It is so important. If you say “nothing will change if I vote” then nothing will change. But if you band together and get the votes in then there will be change. I seriously believe in democracy and I urge you all to remember that your voice is the voice of the people and without the voice of ALL the people then effective change cant happen.

I end this here with a prayer;

Lord, be with those deciding what to do in this most recent horrific event. Help them see the right way to handle it. Help them and give them strength to prosecute all the officers who either stood by and watched as George Floyd died or caused his death. Be with the jury and give them the strength to be fair and bring the right sentance. Lord I ask you to also be with George Floyds family during this horrific time. To loose a loved one is hard enough but to loose a loved one in these circumstances they must be devastated. Give them the strength to go on. Give them peace and courage and show them that you are there for them no matter what. And Lord I ask you to be with the Citizens of the United States and help them grieve this tragic loss and help bring a new way forward where they can live without fear that their lives are going to be taken away by people sworn to protect them. Lord we are too late to save George Floyd but give those in power the strength to make the changes to hopefully stop any more people of colour from loosing their lives at the hand of those Police who do not respect their oath. Amen