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Day 7 – Personal Lock down

So this is one whole week since I been keeping to myself and honestly I do not know what to do with myself. I feel like I am spending too much time online. I need something to do. I may even start playing the simms for a break in the day. I have 11 more weeks of this minimum :S


Day 6 part 2 Personal Lockdown

So my day has become infinitely nicer. I posted that I will be stuck in my flat until this is over baring one day a week when I can do one walk and or shop and asked for things to do. Someone had a stack of DVDs and delivered me a whole box of them.

SO I have to stay inside due to risks to me but someone has made this effort to help me stay sane and it has made my day! It makes up for the crappiness of other people!!!

We need more people helping those of us stuck inside and less selfish peopl.

Day 6 Personal Lockdown

So, today is the first day that I am not going outside. It is sooo stressful. I do not know what to do with myself. However, I went onto my local Facebook group for some ideas on what I can do and had some amazing responses. I am trying to stay positive but it’s hard when you have to be away from family for their safety and you’re on your own. If I had the money I would beg my landlady to let me get a cat but unless some amazing person out there gave me a huge cash influx so that I could clear off all of my debts or even just half of them I would not be able to really afford it. 😦

I wish I had money to spend on Amazon to get things to keep me sane 😦

Ah well I guess no commuting will save some money :S

I think I may find myself in the looney bin for this is all over though 😦

Day 5 Personal Lockdown

Today has been difficult. I went out for my walk and realised I may be doing worse for myself by going out every day. I don’t think I can have a walk a day and now am worried about what my health is going to be like when this is all over. I have to exercise because otherwise my health will get worse especially my back condition but at the same time I am not getting any support to do the right things.

I have also started to worry about finance. Because I have to stay in my flat alone for a minimum of 3 months I need to buy more food. Usually I would top up once a month as I would be spending some time in London with my family when I had to work in London which I cant do now. Am I going to have enough to survive a whole month. Been trying to see if I was eligible for benefits to help with the increased costs associated for being at home all the time but the website is soooo slow.

I am now starting to worry.

Day 3 & 4 personal lockdown

So, I forgot to blog yesterday so you get 2 days for the price of 1.

Day 3

The day went well enough  my spirit was high and I even went out out for a walk. I have found it really funny that when I couldn’t go out when ever I wanted I could stay in all day and night however now that I can only go out once a day I want to go out.

Day 4

To be honest today I am ashamed of being British. Videos of people cussing out staff in shops who are rationing. Cussing them out for not being able to bulk buy coke I mean wtf.

When we have NHS staff who are living away from their families to protect them and keep working and then people sunbathing on Shepherds Bush Green… IT IS SHAMEFULL.

Write more tomorrow.

Day 2 – Personal Lockdown.

So today, I got to go outside. Not too far but Sainsbury’s was opening the first hour to people with disabilities which meant I could actually get some FOOD! I know novel concept people needing food :S

Since then I worked my hours but I made sure that I took breaks. Knowing that I would not be going out other than checking the post my plan is to take breaks to do things around the house.

The first break I took was for lunch. I made myself pancakes :S it was messy but I actually took like 40-minute lunch break… This is unheard of for me. Then this afternoon when my emails went quiet I went and did all my washing up. I think this is going to help me not lose my marbles. I also think I may have to start work earlier because my flat seems to get hot in the afternoon. Last check it was at 28 degrees so if I start work earlier I can be finished before it gets this hot again.

I won’t be going outside except for checking the post and maybe to get some fresh air in the courtyard.

Remember everyone where ever possible keep yourself safe and sane. Stay at home and help kick Covid’s ass.


Day 1 – Personal lockdown.

As I said previously I am basically locking myself away as much as possible so that I reduce the risk of catching the Corona Virus. Today is the first full day of it.

I came back to my flat in Kent yesterday and to be honest, after all the traveling I was a bit too tired to do anything.

Today I had two facetime calls with friends which were absolutely amazing 🙂 part of it was me wanting to make sure they were ok and the other part was me needing some interaction.

I have started cleaning today and doing some organizing. My goal for the end of the day is to make sure that I am set up for starting to work tomorrow AND to be completely unpacked from 2 and a bit weeks in London. It is important to make sure that I find something to do each day.

Tomorrow, I will be attending Sainsbury’s tomorrow morning at 08:00 so that I can get bread. I need to make sure that I have my disabled person ID card and my photo card so that they can prove that I am a disabled person who is entitled to the early shop. I will be interested to see how it all looks tomorrow morning. If I look out of the window and see large crowds I may have to just say screw it and stay indoors. I need to make sure that I am kept safe and not exacerbating my spinal problems.

Then I will be doing a full day of work and then find something to clean.