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Pandemic goes on

I haven’t posted in a while and that is because I have been struggling during this COVID-19 Pandemic. I am living alone and I have to keep myself going.


Because I am classed as vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus but not clinically vulnerable I have to be very careful with what I do outside the flat. I am able to social distance however, I am unable to force people to social distance so it puts me at risk. I have to avoid key places such as the pharmacy because it is in the shopping center. It also means that I have to have online food orders because I have to avoid going into stores.

I finally got into a routine so that I get some time out of the flat but not as much as I would like. Tuesday’s and Friday’s I check the post. This goes up if I have a parcel as the postman is not allowed to come inside the building. Tuesday’s I also take my rubbish out for collection. If I have letters to post then I take them to the letter box on Tuesday’s as well. It is maybe 5 minutes each way.

The solitude is something that is driving me a bit crazy. I am able to keep going but the negatives are seeping in. Because I am in the flat all the time bills have gone up. I am also struggling to get exercise :(. I am also facing a birthday on my own. No family, no friends and it makes me sad. Some times, I worry about what the sight of the UK will be like post COVID.

Another thing that is getting to me is I want to help. I want to be one of those people who help people in need but because I am vulnerable I have to take care of myself first. This is taking a tole on me but, it is something that is making me focus on my needs. I spend so much time looking after other people I forget about myself. As you can imagine this means I get sick a lot. Being forced to look after myself is a good thing, I think.

What really bugs me is watching the selfish people who are not taking this pandemic seriously. Our Prime Minister eased the restrictions but then I started seeing groups of people congregating. It is not something that I feel good about. These selfish people are the reasons why people like me have to actually stay inside more then we really should have to and honestly it is frustrating.

The positive things I have found is the work that I have been doing with Soldiers Angels. Letters and emails I send to American Service Members have helped keeping me going. I am also storing my food that I cant eat and donating it to the local NHS Hospital. I like helping the Heros who are fighting this horrible illness. I just hope that a second wave is not triggered by the idiots.

I am praying for a vacine to be found soon so that I will be able to see my dad again who is classed as extremely vulnerable. I want to be able to goto my office and see my friends in the coffee shop. I miss Hugs and being able to talk to people without a screen involved. As far as I am concerned though that I am doing what I can to help keep the pandemic down.

Everyone, please stay safe out there and honestly take care of your wellbeing. Stay safe, stay sane and keep up the good work.

If I ran for Prime Minister

Hi all

I have been thinking about this a lot and these are the platforms I would run on if I wanted to run for Prime Minister.

  1. I would get the Department for Transport to look into a way to licensing cyclists. This would mean that to use your bike you would have to have a license to use a pushbike and there would need to be some form of identification sticker or license plate on their bike. This means that cyclists would be held to account when they run a red light or cause an accident and bring in more money for the government. It will be mandatory for all cyclists to learn the highway code as well.
  2. I would find a way to get more electric charging stations and push for a scheme to help people move from diesel to electric cars as well as helping people who need Motability cars to get electric cars as well. This would bring down the UK’s carbon emissions whilst also pathing the way for less dependency on oil.
  3. Benefits – I would have the DWP put sticker guidance for assessment centers and accountability in them for PIP assessments. The current success rate in court is ridiculous and taxpayer money is being sent on appeals that should never have to get to court in the first place. It is painful and stressful to the claimants in real need and there should be a cost to the assessment centers for failing people who still need their disability payments.
  4. Benefits –  New checks and balance system will be put in place for those who have no reason not to work and have been claiming benefits for over 2 years. If you claim you are unfit to work and go to an in-depth independent health assessment for your health and you are deemed fit for work you will be given a timeline to find a job. Once in the job, if you quit before the first 6 months – 1 year and investigation into why you quit will be done. If you are found to have quit for no reason your only benefits will be council tax and rent. This will be sent straight to your landlord and the council. You will be given a budget for your Gas, Electric, and phone bill based on the evidence you provide on how much you pay a month, and a food budget will be pulled together. That will be what you live on until you return to work.
    1. If you leave for health reasons and it is verified that it is real, you will be entitled to full benefits however, this will be reviewed once a year to make sure you are getting the right help and support and that you are still unfit to work. This will include a medical done independently of your GP to avoid bias.
    2. If there is an issue of wrongful termination then you will be allowed to claim benefits however, this will be subject to you going to an employment tribunal. If the tribunal holds that the termination was not wrongful, and if the reason for your termination looks like you wanted to be fired (especially within the first 6 months) you will receive the same benefits as those who quit.
  5. Benefits – During a crisis like Pandemics, there will be due consideration to people who are classed as high risk and clinically vulnerable and if they fall into those categories benefits may be increased to cover extra costs they may incur.
  6. Disability Premiums will be for anyone who claims either PIP or DLA. It will no longer be dependant on whether you are unemployed and claiming a benefit you’re disbarred from just because you want to work and don’t want to claim full benefits.
  7. The Job Market – Zero Hour contracts will be scrapped. Employers will have to work out how many hours they have their zero-hour contract staff working and provide them with a PAYE contract and set amount of hours. This will take away, the abuse of the system especially in the care profession for home care helpers. Over contracted hours will be classed as overtime and employers would have to provide proper holiday and sick leave.
  8. The Civil Service – I would request that the Civil Service work out a pay structure that fits across all departments and have pay scales across the bands that are the same. Some departments may find they have to increase their lower graded staffs Salary to fit in line with this. This means that the yearly pay rise would then be uniformed across all departments. I would also fight for there to be a good balance between parliamentary pay rises and the Civil Service.
  9. NHS – I would bring back some of the ways that NHS trusts to make money for their own hospitals.
    1. Hospitals will be able to have a certain number of beds dedicated to private patients who will pay for their use. If these beds are not being used then NHS patients can use them for free so until an NHS bed becomes available.
    2. People who do not have residency of over 1 year within the UK would have to pay for medical treatment that is routine however emergency life-saving treatment will be on the NHS. After 1 year of residency, and paying tax,  they will be entitled to full free treatment on the NHS.
    3. A review of urgent cares and emergency rooms will be done and if more emergency rooms are needed then this will be investigated and brought into fruition.
    4. Complaints about GPS will go to a centralized place external to the GP surgery and should the complaint be held valid advisories to the GP surgery about corrective measures will be sent. If the surgery does not comply they will be fined.
    5. The costs of prescriptions will be reviewed and a way forward for people who may need multiple medications and not be able to afford the costs will be looked into.
  10. Tuition Fees- A working group will be set up to see how the English Government can do what the Scottish have to create fee-free education for British Citizens. Fees will still be charged for non-British Citizens.
  11. Politics; A law would be looked at to limit one person’s time within the Prime Ministers Seat. Too many terms can lead a leader into troubled waters. This has been seen over and over again in our country so I would have the law adopt a 2 term max. The prime minister could potentially do a 3rd term however, that would only be allowed if important legislation would be lost if their party was voted in again and there was a change in leadership.
  12. Politics: Any MP who is at retirement age will be asked to retire. This is so that the country is not being told one thing and MPS doing another.
  13. Politics – Price Gouging Laws will be brought into place during natural, environmental and viral disasters. This means that stores seen price gouging whether they are supermarkets or small shops will be fined.  This will include stores such as eBay and Amazon.

I also highly doubt I would ever be Prime Minister. I would have to run as an independant and have no money to do it and have to clear off my debt too which I would not be able to do but hey ho…. Dreams are dreams

Lockdown lows

I know I have not written in a while.

I started struggling with loneliness. Being on my own is being horrible. All I am able to do is talk to people through a screen and honestly I am struggling with the fact that I am not able to hug people. I am not able to be held by people or share a coffee. I am feeling the separation. 😦

I have not been out of the flat in over a month and I am going to be here on my birthday. I have given up trying to raise money for what I desperately need and because of this I am just stuck here on my own thinking about everything I need and the things that I cant have 😦

What a life I lead 😦

Day 23 Lockdown – Why cant people follow the rules

Having been inside my flat for 23 days and not going outside I am wondering why people can’t follow the rules.

We have people who are still going out to the park, having parties at their homes, having barbeques and I am seriously wondering why people can’t follow the rules. This virus does not discriminate between young or old, political leaning, religious background and you are always trying to organize yourself to recover where ever you can. When I had symptoms I wanted to sleep every day and spent more time asleep then I was awake. I could not believe it.


We will end up in a full lockdown if these people are not going to do what is meant to do.

Day 22 Lockdown Part 2 – Reconnection

Today I have found myself reconnecting with someone from my school days. She was in my sisters year at school and she was lovely. I found out that she lives in my area and today had an amazing telephone call with her that lasted nearly an hour. This lockdown and pandemic has really helped me reconnect with some amazing people. We need to take this lesson from lockdown and make sure that we remember these things when we can move freely again.

We should be looking at the positives instead of the negatives. Yes we have limited movement but how have you been utilizing the time. I continue with my Charity Work with Soldier Angels but instead of letter writing, I use email instead. It is really nice to wake up in the morning to find an email that cheers me up. I also continue with my Thank You Campaign on Twitter and use my time there too.

What have you been doing?


Hi everyone

This for me is something difficult but I am struggling to find things to do around the flat. I have been asked to create an Isolation WishList which I have now done.

If you have any spare cash and are able to help me keep going during this difficult time please feel free to order something from my wish list as I am on my own and no place to go out to get things.

Wish list

Every little helps.


Day 22 Lockdown Part 1

Theoretically, I was only quarantined for 14 days which ended yesterday so I have not put it in however, I am still locked in the flat so it is an ongoing thing. I really hope they find a vaccine soon for this bug. I am going to go spare!

Today I made the decision that I was going to do some good. Because I am stuck inside I am able to get food parcels, however, due to my issues with food and the fact I cant pick and choose what goes into the parcels I have spare. So, I am pulling all the food that I cant eat and boxing them back up. I am hopefully going to be able to get them to the local hospital staff who may be struggling to get to the supermarket. I hate that I can’t do much but this is something that I can do and I will do.

Try and find your good things 🙂