Thank You is only two words

Thank You is only two words that dont take much effort to say and yet, those who wear a uniform rarely hear it from people. Why is that?

These are people who put their lives on the line for us on a regular basis and yet we can not say thank you to them for doing so. This to me is something that is unacceptable.

So to all those in uniform I say #ThankYou as well as #ThankYouForYourService


New Years Resolution update

So I have started on two of my new year’s resolutions.

  1. I quit smoking at 9 am on Tuesday 15th January 2019 – So far this has gone well and I have not had a cigarette. Thank you to boots for making patches that survive showers
  2. Weight – in the last 3 weeks I have lost 3-4 KG of weight and intend to keep up the good work. I am looking forward to providing a new update this time next month.


I just want to put this out there. Respect is earnt not given. If you show respect to others they will show it to you back in spades. If you enter into a campaign of disrespect then no respect will come your way. This is how the world works. If you can’t handle that then you should look at how you are treating people.

Back to work

I will be going back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. I am looking forward to it 🙂 I am looking forward to getting work done and seeing how things were when I wasnt around.

Fun times ahead.

People in uniform

There are some people out there who believe this, I am not one of them. They believe that just because a man or woman signs up to serve their country, city or community in uniform that they should be accepting the fact that they may get abused or attacked in the course of their duties. This is something that is not the case. This is something that I firmly disagree with strongly. The only exception I find to this is when a military person who goes into war. Death and danger is something that is part of what you see.

If you see a paramedic and get punched in the face when you are trying to help someone that you have not signed up for. The same goes for every other member of the uniformed services. Show some respect the next time you see someone in uniform and say #Thankyouforyourservice.

REVIEW: Our Girl

This is my very first attempt at doing a review and this for me is something that I really feel strongly about. Today, I am going to be reviewing the show “Our Girl” which is a BBC show about a medic in the British Army.

The show started off with Lacey Turner who played Molly Dawes a medic who has been assigned to 2 Section who were about to deploy to Afghanistan. This intrigued me because there has always been that age-old question as to whether women should be on the front line in combat. Obviously, it was only 2016 when ALL exclusions were lifted for women serving in Ground Close Combat roles. This was clearly one step forward for women’s lib however single-handedly the show our girl seems to of cut this achievement in half.

Molly Dawes journey started off trying to prove herself to two sections who was commanded by Cpt James, an army officer trained in Sandhurst. During their time in Afghanistan, they had lots of difficult situations including ambushes, Afghan Army CP being ambush whilst also running into difficulties of the heart. They also looked into the life of Bashira, an Afghan girl, whose father was a Taliban insurgent and whose safety became paramount to 2 Section.

Pvt Dawes fell in love with Cpt James and they kept everything on an even keel until the end when Pvt Dawes had to identify a Taliban in the back of the truck, when a fellow section member (nicknamed smurf) had a bit of a break down over the love between Dawes and James which took their eye off the ball and both were seriously injured.

The ending of season 1 leads to a heartwarming reunion and a heartbreaking end for one of the section (don’t want to spoil it for you). Season 1 left me wondering how they would be able to top it. Although I know logistically that an Officer cannot be romantically involved with someone directly in their charge, they left the book open to many possible options for season two.

The start of the new season saw Lacey Turner out (due to work conflicts on Eastenders) and Michelle Keegan in as LCpl Georgie Lane. I thought this would be perfect because it would deal with the actual issue of Dawes and James being an item and potentially give Lacey Turner a way back into the show if the opportunity arose.

The new season started off with Georgie Lane being left at the altar by Special Forces member Elvis. We never knew why, until the end of their Kenyan tour. Lane was captured and taken prisoner, and who was it that came to save her – ELVIS.

This unfortunately for me, was where I started to lose interest. For me, I felt that the writers and producers missed key opportunities and focused too much on it being “our girl”. After they got back from Kenya, you didn’t see 2 section except for a few views of Captain James.

The producers missed a key opportunity in my opinion with the effects of extreme experiences within combat however they chose to gloss over it. When PTSD is something that is serious and affects our forces across the globe and yet the BBC decided to gloss over it. Instead, they chose to extend the Kenya story and turn it into a counter-terrorism story back in the UK. This was seriously a huge error as I feel like they could have done more even with the counter-terrorism story and yet they chose to make it all about love and problems of the heart. I am not anti-love but when the show is about a soldier then there should be less of a woman running around in a wedding dress and more SOLDIERING!

Unfortunately, the next “tours” that they showed was almost certainly the same again and followed the problems of the heart with Lane being at the center. Once again (spoiler) Lane and James fell in love again and it brought bout the illogicalness of the whole bloody situation.

Dear BBC: If you are making a show about the military PLEASE AT LEAST GET THE BASICS RIGHT! You have made a show that is now getting far too predictable and illogical. Where the hell do you think you can take the story from here unless you plan to do another major change in characters. HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU HAVE ONE PERSON CAPTURED OR IN NEED OF RESCUING…..COME ON!

Personally watch it if you would like but honestly, it does not completely represent what our armed forces are about because they decide to neglect basics.

I have nothing against the actors in the show… The writers, on the other hand, have a lot of explaining to do. I honestly would love to see more MILITARY based actions and less of the love drama.

Strange Year

It has been a strange year for me in 2018 what with the new equipment I have at work to help with my dyslexia and the support that I get from my colleagues over my autism which I only found out about this year it has been a strange one. I am going to look forward to a year of discovery of me.