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Grenfell – 3 years on – the effects still linger

I lived in North Kensington when Grenfell Tower went up in flames. 3 years later I am finally diagnosed with PTSD since that fateful day. I can never forget the pain I saw and the horrid things that went on that day. The smell, the heat, the pain. It makes me jump every time I hear a siren. When I smell smoke I have to close my windows and hide away in my bathroom. I have got a go bag incase of a fire at my own place so that I will have at least a charger, a change of clothes and a copy of my insurance documents just incase. That fire affected those who lived in the block and many others who helped out on that day. Honestly I can never forget that day. I am going through therapy now, and it is very hard. I just hope that I do not jump every time I see sirens.

3 thoughts on “Grenfell – 3 years on – the effects still linger

  1. My heart goes out to you. What you must’ve gone through that night doesn’t even bear thinking about but you have to live with the memories, thoughts and visions every day. I hope you start to get the help you need now that you’ve been officially diagnosed. Take care.


      1. I tuned into the Grenfell United anniversary event for a few hours πŸ’š Heartbreaking to this day & you’re still all going through it. Bless you all πŸ’š


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