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Day 14 – Personal Lockdown Day 6 Quarantine – Letter to the UK & The World

Dear all,

As you can see, I have been in lockdown for 14 days and quarantine for 6 days. On Sunday 29th March 2020 I started showing COVID-19 symptoms. Since the UK had gone into lockdown on that prior Monday I had only gone out for food or for a walk on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, after I saw the people out there ignoring the lockdown procedures I decided not to go out there again but I still got sick.

You do not want to get COVID-19 symptoms. I started with having a cough which came up really suddenly. Then, I took my temperature which was ranging between 37.6 and 37.9. My breathing was very laboured and I was unable to take deep breaths. My chest was tight and honestly, I wanted to cry. I left London to make sure that my dad was safe however, I was at risk.  I am still recovering. It is taking its toll on me but honestly, I am getting better every day but it is not nice.

I am emploring everyone of you around the world to do your bit. I am an autistic, dyslexic with depression, spinal problems, PTSD, and asthma and I am doing my bit. I am trying to keep myself safe. I keep people at a safe distance and now I have to stay inside for my own health and safety. The whole thing scares me being alone what if I get it worse and then I die :(. We need to stop being selfish and make sure that the people who need help get the help and those who are playing Russian Roulette with their lives are dealt with so that we can get through this Pandemic.

There have been people who have been complaining about lockdown however, here in the UK we do not have it so bad. In some countries, breaking lockdown costs you your life as the police will shoot you.

To all the NHS staff who work tirelessly to fight this pandemic, I want to say thank you very much for everything you do. You are invaluable and are heros. To the staff who are still working in the supermarkets and putting themselves at risk you are heros too.

If you are working on the Front line please look after yourselves and make sure that you are staying safe. Your wellbeing is key. I am here if you need someone to talk to.

Stay safe out there.


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