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Day 12 & 13 of Lockdown & 4 & 5 of Quarentine

I was unable to post yesterday so I am posting today and yesterday.

So I have some good news. After speaking with Social Services for two hours now I have been referred for food parcels and I got my very first one today. I am so happy to have this. I was starting to panic about food. It does beg the question, what can I make out of some of the food that I have been given. What can you make out of parsnips??

Fever is down again and I am happy to say that the cough is subsiding. Everyone seems happy with the way my health is going which is good. Now I have to just focus on not loosing the plot by the end of the pandemic.

Work have been very supportive which has been amazing. I am however struggling to find things to do.

Stay safe out there and keep well.

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