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Living alone can suck but, you can ask for help

Living alone has its upsides. But when you are poorly there is nothing that you want more than to have someone look after you. Someone who will make you feel better and get you things that you need.

This is the first time I have lived alone for a long time and honestly this bug that I have had for two weeks. There has been times that I wished that I had had someone here to take care of me.

I am loving living on my own because I have been dependant on people for my entire life and with my disabilities getting worse I knew that if I didn’t live on my own soon I would get to a stage where I could never ever live alone. I did not want to be dependant on people forever.

I will honestly tell you this. If I do not get rid of this bug soon I am going to go absolutely batty.

Just remember this. Living alone does not mean you should not have a support system in place.

When you are autistic living alone can cause some problems. One of the things that can cause problems is when you get sick and you do not know what to do. Just remember reaching out for help is not a bad thing.

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