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New South Wales Rural Fire Service

To the world.

I have seen the issues in Australia and I am saddened by all of it. It is heartbreaking to see all these fires and what the first responders must be going through whether they are fighting the fires, evacuating people from their homes, dealing with the wounded or helping the survivors.

We take our first responders for granted. We know they are there when we need them and say things like “it’s their job” or “no one helps me and I do my job all the time”. But the thing is there is a difference between office work and fighting devastating fires and we need to acknowledge that. This is why I am starting a Go Fund Me page where the proceeds will go to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. It can hopefully help sure up the services they have, help them get the things they need to replenish their stocks and maybe provide support for their firefighters who are struggling to cope with the devastation they are seeing every day.

The brush fires are still going on and the work these people are doing is stopping them from spreading further. We need to support our uniformed services and this one especially because the firefighters are volunteers. They have their own work to do but volunteer to be firefighters on top of it.

Please help me raise the money to give them. Share, retweet, or whatever you can even if you donate 50p that is better then nothing.

Let’s show these people that we care and say Thank You For Your Service. I know there are many people out there who want to help so please let’s do this for them. I am just one disabled person wanting to help those who help their community I hope everyone else will be willing to help our brothers and sisters in Australia

Here is the link

Support the NSW Fire Service



10 thoughts on “New South Wales Rural Fire Service

    1. They can do this aswell. I emailed them and am doing this as part of my Thank You Campaign. I didnt know what else to do

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      1. I dont understand why it was so important so if you could tell me. I just felt helpless so I wanted to do something to support them

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    2. I feel helpless too, which is why this matters to me. I want the Fire Service to get the most donations possible, which is more likely through the direct link. Why should a random stranger on the Internet trust you to deliver the gofundme proceeds to the Fire Service? There are many scammers taking advantage of people’s generosity.


      1. Ah ok. I think I get it now. Sorry I know I swear I must sound think… Feeling a bit socially ancy today… Managed to upset someone and I dont know how I did it :S

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