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Why I am so Stressed

So I have been sending some rather stressed messages on social media and now I need to explain why. Everything that I am going through at the moment costs money and now I need to get support in things that I need help with because I have been denied permission to get a service dog. So here is a list of things I need to pay for;

  1. £1800 to pay off my abusers and be able to cut the strings so I no longer need to spend part of my week there 😦
  2. £3000 to find a new place and pay first and last month’s rent where I will be allowed to apply and get a service dog.
  3. £3000 to cover any possible damages at my current flat
  4. £3000 to arrange for movers to pack up and move me
  5. £10,000 to cover travel to and from London
  6. £1560 to arrange for home care help for the cleaning that I am unable to do myself without the help of a service dog
  7. £4000 to replace the furniture that I am in need of which includes a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed as I do not have a wardrobe, my chest of drawers is broken and my bed is broken. I also need to find a bed that is easier for me to get in and out of.
  8. £1000 for adaptions for my flat
  9. £7000 to get myself out of the debt I got myself in so that I can finally start saving so that money could go towards supporting myself properly.
  10. £5000 to take classes to learn to do things and get life skills to learn how to cook, properly manage my money, etc.

All of this is what I need to pay out for and I have nothing. How do I pay for this stuff with nothing? Who do I turn too? Who can help me? I need help and after months of trying to get help crowd funding I have finally given up. No one is going to help me. So now I have to struggle alone 😦 my walls are closing in and I wonder why I fight so hard. If I could I would just run away. But I can’t do that. I can’t just start again. I almost wish I was in a real witness protection programme that way I would get a new identity and could start again. But no one will help me.

Abuse victims are on our own.

Autistic abuse victims are on our own

depressed autistic abuse victims are on our own.

No one out there cares to help when we are in need. They don’t know what it’s like to be told your worthless so much that you believe it. To have your own family judge you not because of what you knowingly do but because of things you have no control over. To have the people who supposedly love you judge you because you were brave enough to say something is wrong and be proved right.

I am all alone.

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