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The Story of Jennifer McQueen Part 1

Jennifer McQueen could not understand why she was different. She had always been different but did not know why. Why was she different from all the girls in her class? Why did she have to be who she was? She just could not understand it. This all changed one day when she met Matilda. Matilda, unbeknownst to her would show her what it was like to be different. She would show Jennifer that it was ok to be who she was and, that her uniqueness brought a whole set of amazing skills that she never knew she had.


Jennifer was born into a family that was normal. They lived in a normal house, had normal jobs and went to normal schools. They were typically normal. This made things hard for Jennifer who was not normal. She would often get into trouble for acting out because she was different from everyone else. She never understood why.

She made other people feel uneasy because she was different. She was bullied in school because she was not like everyone else and her teachers did not get her. After a while, she chose to start hiding who she was as best she could. She would take the ridicule and she stopped sharing whatever she was able to keep to herself.

To say that she had no friends would be an understatement but to Jennifer, but she did not care. She kept herself busy in her own mind with the people she wished she was and who she was. In Jennifer’s mind, she had groups of friends that would never let her down and never let her stand alone.


Matilda never knew that one day she would change the life of someone so drastically. She went to work every day looking for people with specialness inside. Most of the time these people knew they were special and she was just a step on the way to finding their full potential but never in her life did she think that she would meet someone who didn’t know who they were so much.

One day, Matilda went into work and found that she had a new client. Jennifer McQueen was her name. Little did she know that what she would do for Jennifer would change her life so completely but she was so wrong.


Note from the Author

I started writing this story to share my imagination. Partly as a therapeutic tool but also in the hopes to get some fundraising done for my needs. If you like my story and feel like you would like to help me please donate to my PayPal pool. If you would be willing to help please donate what you can to every penny helps. I will hopefully have the next installment for you next week.

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