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Jennifer McQueen Part 3

As she sat down with the stranger, Jennifer’s mind started to wonder.


1992 School yard

Jennifer and her class was walking across the playground with people in her class. She was seriously confused with what was happening around her. Everyone tried to sit down but the older kids were sitting on the benchs. Jennifer did not know how to get them off the bench. She was thinking, “only year twos on this bench”. This thought went through her head over and over again. It filled her thoughts and it was all she could do to scream.

Jennifer stood up and opened her mouth to speak but what came out was not what was in her head. She was surrounded by people who were from ethnic minorities and what came out of her head was “only white people on this bench.” She did not know where that came from. She was confused. She looked around and everyones face was angry. Again, she did not understand what was happening. The kids all stood around her and she did not know what was happening. A teacher came past and asked what was going on. One of the kids told the teacher and she did nothing.

Jennifer still did not know what was happening. She was confused. What the hell was going on. Luckily the bell rang and she was saved from a beat down. She did not know why she was going to get one. She made a mistake which she did not know how what she wanted to say, she did not understand why people were upset.


2018 Meeting room

Jennifer was shaken out of the mind vault that she fell into. Again she was looking at this stranger and was trying to read her face. She could not do it. She had picked up a few things in her life however she was never really got to grips with everything. The stranger was sitting there staring at her.

“Hi, my name is Matilda and we will be working together.” The stranger said which made Jennifer jump. So this person was called Matilda. She wondered what on earth was happening however, she felt that she was supposed to say something so she did. “Hi, my name is Jennifer”.


Next installment soon.


Note from the Author

I started writing this story to share my imagination. Partly as a therapeutic tool but also in the hopes to get some fundraising done for my needs. If you like my story and feel like you would like to help me please donate to my PayPal pool. If you would be willing to help please donate what you can to every penny helps. I will hopefully have the next installment for you next week.

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