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Jennifer McQueen Part 2

Jennifer turned up to her appointment. She didn’t know why she was there she knew that she was different but did not know why the appointment would make any difference. She looked around the room and realized instantly she felt warm and safe. She didn’t know what about the room made her feel this safe but she just did.

She looked around and saw that she was sitting in a small room with windows that opened up to a children’s play area. She could feel the joy that would be had on the children’s toys and it made her smile. She knew that people would not understand that. She had kept that to herself for so long. She looked at the sky and it was raining. Jennifer did what she always did when it rained, she put her arm out of the window. The rain felt cool against her skin. She closed her eyes and felt the calming sensation she always got with the rain. She felt the tingling of her skin and took a deep breath. Just as she did this a woman walked into the room.

The woman was tall and slender. She had beautiful blond hair. Jennifer looked at her and automatically the song Jolene started playing in her head. Often when she looked at people she associated songs with them. She never understood why this happened. People who caused her problem often got rock songs associated with them. When she got into trouble and did not know why the rock songs played or when she liked someone who didn’t know she exists it would be songs from movies.

The woman was looking at Jennifer as if she was sizing her up. Jennifer did not know whether she needed to run and hide or speak so she just stood there staring. The woman started talking.

“Hi, my name is Matilda, and I am here to talk to you. You can sit if you would like or stand if you would like”.

So this woman’s name was Matilda. Jennifer thought, she does not look like the Matilda from the movie and got lost in the fact that she did not look like her. Then her mind told her, “how could she look like her, Matilda was a child in the movie.”  Jennifer shook her head and sat down.

This was the start of something that would change Jennifer’s world forever.


Note from the Author

I started writing this story to share my imagination. Partly as a therapeutic tool but also in the hopes to get some fundraising done for my needs. If you like my story and feel like you would like to help me please donate to my PayPal pool. If you would be willing to help please donate what you can to every penny helps. I will hopefully have the next installment for you next week.

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