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Fresh Start – Help Needed

Hi Everyone.

I am doing a new start to my blog. I am going to make this much more personal. I am going to tell you more about who I am and what I get up to on the day today. Living with my disabilities and living my life.

However, I have to ask again. To anyone there in the Neurodiverse community or the disability community who has the ability to donate please help me get myself out of a disgusting situation I find myself in.

I am being forced back into an abusive situation because I do not have the money to get out of it. I have to live with an abusive person when I have to be in London because I need to cover the cost of travel. I also have to stay because I owe the abuser ¬£2k. This person would have no issue trying to force me onto Judge Rinder so that they could get the money that I don’t have extend the abuse.

The money would go to the following;

  1. 1-Years travel between London and where I live now
  2. 1-Years travel within London
  3. Pay my abuser back so they have no hold over me
  4. Get anything that I need to help me stay independent including shelving to minimize the need for bending
  5. Pay for services that I need to help with the maintenance of the flat

Please, could you help me donate as much as you can or, share the link?

Please help me if you can.




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