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London is not friendly for disabilities

I have been feeling quite low today. Not just because my stomach has been going a mile a minute but with the realisation that if I would like to stay living in London, I am going to need to find a second job. This will mean that I will be working either 6 or 7 days a week.

Why is this you ask?

Well simply put, it is the cost of living in London. Where your perscriptions can be up to or over £10 per item. Where people are less likely to offer you help and assistance if you have a problem. Where transportation systems are not retrofitted with things like LIFTS or escallators so people like me have to avoid certain stations. Where to find somewhere suitable to live you need to have a budget of over £1000 per month without bills included and where the cost of travel goes up yearly.

I am on 8-10 medications a day so a month on medications alone I can be paying £80-£100.

Living in London is hard but when you work here it is even harder because realistically you have to stay here.

I may even have to give up blogging if I ever find a place of my own unless I find something that can run off of my phone for a while.

London is not suitable for the disabled and yet I am stuck here.

If anyone out there is able to help me please feel free to donate money to me via my paypal I gave up with Gofundme as people seemed more interested in donating to people who want to spread hate then to help those in need so I decided if anyone wants to help me they can and the link above should help.


6 thoughts on “London is not friendly for disabilities

  1. Have you thought about prepay prescription it is a set amount and would be sure to save you so much money . PPC prepay prescription is about £129 for 12 months covers all presciptions no matter how many you need as you can imagine that’s a huge saving for you of nearly a thousand pound for the year that will probally help you alot. Every little helps and that is a huge saving ❤️

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    1. Hi, I already do the PPC. I was estimating how much my perscriptions would cost if I didnt. Sorry if I didnt make it clear. What I am appaulled at is the fact that people with disabilities are not really supported. My PIP Journey alone was horrific long story short I ended up in debt because I had to appeal in court to get my benefits back and by then I was in extra debt because the money I had been using my benefits for was gone. I am still feeling the pinch even now.


      1. It took us six months when my sisters was stopped and ages to get her back on track financially . they lost all the forms . they did back date some of it though


      2. Yea, the worst part of it was that the reason I lost it was I told the truth and the courts held that my condition had gotten worse. That was 10 months of HELL for me.


      3. I am so sorry you had to go through that do you get any support to help with that kind of thing , or did you have to do it alone. My sister has me and my parents to look after all that for her. She has now been awarded life time as she has prader Willi syndrome and is severely impaired in mental age.
        My kids who are autistic haven’t had issues with this yet and I truly hope they won’t it is the only support we have.


  2. I had the help of a Charity who did the paperwork and got me representation at the hearing but honestly it was hard going.


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