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A Letter from Andrea Bocelli

One of the people I wrote to in the public eye was Andrea Bocelli. He is a blind singer who has been blind from the age of 12. This is something that I find unique because he had sight and then lost it. Whilst still being blind he has earned a law degree and has been performing.


I received today a beautiful letter from him which really says it all.


“society tries to instill the doubt that we should all look the same, think similarly, learn in the same way and offer a similar kind of result, otherwise we’re out of the schemes, out of the competition”


Many people with disabilities can feel this all too much. When we have something that makes us different we wonder why we can’t be normal like everyone else. However, Andrea went onto say:


“I’ve learnt with years that the only competition worth winning was the one with myself, overcoming my limits, outdoing my best every time; when I was young, having people trying to tell me what I won’t be able to do was the perfect trigger to make me want to do more and more.”


This has been how I have taken on my difficulties and yet there are those who find it so difficult to look at it that way. Take this amazing musician and look at what he has accomplished. He has found what he loves and does everything that he can to make sure he can do it. When someone says, you can’t do it he does it anyway with fuel to push himself on.


Lastly he said “Don’t let the “disability” or any other kind of label define you, you’re not your diagnosis, even if that is part of you; there is always a way to reach your goals, to do what you want to do, even if that comes in your own way and in your own time, which, like it happens to everybody, is most likely to be different from anyone else’s”.


These are powerful words and I encourage everyone who has a disability to see life for what it is. A chance to show the world the best parts of yourself. Whether you have lost your sight, have autism, or even are dyslexic you can achieve what you want to. Your label doesn’t change who you are. It may put up some barriers in your way but you can over come them and do what it is that you would like to do.




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