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Disability Confident: Dont be afraid to complain

This sounds like a bizarre post to put up but there is a reason for it. I went away on holiday which in itself was great. Unfortunately, the airline and the airports let me down in a big way both getting out to Italy and coming back. I honestly never felt more isolated in my life and I was traveling with a group of people.

The thing is, I decided that I would not let that define the holiday and I decided that I wanted to make sure that the people involved are actually held to account. As such I have made complaints to the airline and the airports.

The lady I spoke to today reminded me that, most people who have a bad experience will choose only to complain to the people that they know. They will accept the negative experience as something they should not question. When you have a disability it can also feel embarrassing. The question I should put to you at this point is, how can anything get better if the person or company who has done you harm, do not know that something has happened.

So, I encourage everyone with a disability, if you experience service in any form that has made you feel isolated, out of place or discriminated against then please raise a complaint and make sure that your voice is heard.


6 thoughts on “Disability Confident: Dont be afraid to complain

  1. Wow! Such true words! Too often if we have a negative experience we don’t speak up. It’s as if we’re expecting the next person to do it. What if the next person does not speak up either? If no one says anything there won’t be change. In my case, I’m a person with an invisible disability.


    1. Well even more important for you to speak up. You cant look at me and say yea, she is autistic, but I stand up and be counted because that way maybe the next person doesnt need too. The truth is until we stand up for ourselves then things cant change.

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  2. In my case, I have an invisible disability. I find I have to advocate for myself a lot. I often have to speak up and prove that I have a disability and so need accommodations. Thanks for sharing.


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