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Feeling very low

I am feeling very low today.

I have been soo stressed and sleepy in these last couple of weeks I got myself into a huge problem. I got seriously low and stuck in an old habbit of gaming. When you get obsessed with something you forget what is important because it is making you feel good again. However, now I am in a worse situation because I had lots of unexpected bills and now I have no money to move out.

I feel low and alone. No one is out there to help.



4 thoughts on “Feeling very low

    1. Yea, just things are really bad at the moment I’m in a low place right now. Westminster turned me down šŸ˜¦


      1. Yes and I am really annoyed about it because it says that you can apply if you work in the borough but they said because I dont live in the borough that I am not eligable I am sooo annoyed and upset about it šŸ˜¦


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