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The Box

This is a random title I know but it is to explain something to you. Prior to 2018 and my diagnosis of Autism, I felt like I was in a box. I did not feel like I was able to express to people why I felt different or what I was struggling with. I felt like I was in a steel box that I could not get out of and it was very isolating.

Since my diagnosis, however, I feel like someone opened the lid to the box and set me free. This is because I have been able to be my true self.

The problem with being let out of the box is that no one wants you to be out. They want you neatly categorized because that is how they know who you are and what you are doing. This for me is something I can not let happen to me ever again. I was in that box for 31 years and I never held a steady job for a long period of time and moreover, I was struggling with my mental health. So when someone sends ignorance my way, I fight their views and their ignorance. The second that I stop fighting these ignorant people who refuse to accept difference as a positive they win and I will be back in the box. If I stop being open about my autism I put myself back in the box and I can not go back into that cold place. I just wont do it!


5 thoughts on “The Box

    1. It is for everyone that I decided to take on this fight of openness.. It is sooo hard at times because I wonder why I am doing things still but if one person can see this blog and thing I can do it too then I am glad that I have helped someone. Being a recipiant of multiple issues can be conflicting in myself all the time but if anyone who reads my blog can see that I am able to work and be myself despite being an Autistic, Dyslexic with depression and spinal problems and that I can live a life that means something to me then I am happy


      1. I’m here if you need help 🙂 it’s why I usually call myself invisible. I am here for everyone even if other organisations and others don’t help me, I stay with the helpful handy person so that I can help as many people as possible. It’s why I ended up needing to set up a gofundme page… I am here if you need someone to talk too. You can also email me on


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