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Review – Giovanni Pernice & Luba Mushtuk – Dance is Life

On Wednesday I went to a show. I saw Giovanni Pernice’s show called Dance is Life. I brought the tickets after a horrible year in 2018 where I was diagnosed as Autistic and broke up with my boyfriend of 9 years. SO, this was a treat to myself as I love Giovanni on Strictly Come Dancing to the point I wish they would let normal people on the show so I could possibly have a chance to dance with him.

So here is what I thought of the show:

Giovanni’s show was AMAZING! From an autistic perspective, where I had been sitting was not great as I got overstimulated which did eventually lead to a meltdown however the show its self was fantastic.

Giovanni is an amazing dancer and his partner Luba Mushtuk was so elegant and graceful. He really did tell a story with his performance. It was helped along by the other dancers on stage who were Gordana Grandosek Whiddon, Kylee Vincent, Sylvia Radziejowska, Trent Whiddon, Stephen Vincent, Krystian Radziejowska.

These 8 people took my breath away. All of them danced with a passion for what they were doing and it was so great to see Strictly style dancing off the screen and in person. As someone who at a young age and into my teens wanted to be a dancer – fate intervening and stopping me, I appreciate when you see true artistry in dance and that is what I saw on Wednesday. Even with the audience participation where two of the dancers picked up a chair and was swinging the member of the audience in the air hehe made me giggle.

I recommend to anyone who loves to watch Strictly or even loves watching the dance that watching a Giovanni Pernice performance is a great way to spend a night and for any Autistic person who is worried about a meltdown, it is well worth the after effects for this amazing performance so do not miss out!


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