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Life with multiple disabilities

Living life with a disability is hard. When you live a life with multiple ones can at times, be unbearable. I have 4 disabilities, Autism, Dyslexia, Depression and Spinal problems. It is something that at times can regularly come into conflict with each other. When I have a really bad day with my back I stay indoors and do what I can to ease the pain. The problem comes when the bad day lasts longer than one day and I have to stay indoors for longer periods of time. I start feeling low, my mood goes and my self-care goes out the window. This then causes my depression to go out the window.

With my autism, when I have a meltdown it can have a negative impact on my physical wellbeing and then the above happens again and again. It can be quite maddening. I am trying very hard to live my life but it also seems like there is no support for people in my situation 😦 But, we can survive. We can move on. We can keep the wheels turning but it means that we must keep fighting. Life is not simple however we can survive it.



4 thoughts on “Life with multiple disabilities

  1. I can relate to this. A big part of my self care for my mental health is the gym and just being out of the house in general, however, when my physical problems flare (fibromyalgia and arthritis) just getting out of bed becomes difficult. My mood suffers drastically after a day or two and I have to be careful or I’ll get stuck in a cycle of not wanting to leave at all.
    But you’re right, we keep fighting through, if there’s anything all this stuff has given me, it’s resilience.


    1. Definitely, I wish I could just get a little support from people. My main problem is housing at the moment and it seems even though anyone in their right mind can see this place isn’t suitable for me, no one is helping me get on the housing register so that I can get somewhere that is helpful

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      1. Trying which is why I put a call to arms up on my blog because I feel I fit the criteria for social housing but don’t seem to be getting anywhere


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