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Safety Word for abuse survivors

As victims of abuse, we have a keen sense of what is right and wrong for us. We have been through hell and we feel lost. However, it can be something that we struggle with when it comes to staying safe.

Here are some safety tips I have learned myself:

  1. Block your abuser on ALL social media, facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram and snap chat. Also, any new platforms that you may come up.
  2. Change your mobile phone number; if they can’t call you they can’t reach you
  3. Any extra behavior that seems suspicious keep a record. Don’t feel guilty, or ashamed about going to the police. They take any form of domestic situations seriously. Even the slightest bit of concern get something on the report.
  4. If you are concerned about where you live to see what you can do to move

The key thing is to keep surviving 🙂 I know it is hard to do but it is the only way that we can make a bad thing good again.

I hope this helps. I am trying to get the money together to be able to move. I hope this helps.


4 thoughts on “Safety Word for abuse survivors

    1. For me my issue is is that I could afford the rent outside of London but travel costs would just be too much. I don’t really feel like I could do a house share as I would be too nervous about living with people I don’t know… I am trying to find extra work to earn more money but have also had to create a gofundme page as well :((


      1. Omg…me too. I cant bring myself to think about sharing a space, and options are so limited for me going from third world country. Do you wanna come here??


      2. At the moment I just need to get away 😦 I just don’t like the idea that my abuser knows where I live 😦 so far only one person was kind enough to donate money to my page


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