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Being Different is not BAD

One thing I needed to get myself together to understand what it is that is “wrong” with me. However, it was not till I understood that there is nothing wrong with me I am just different to everyone else around me.

I get very emotional over some things. That isn’t bad, it just means that I can get really sad. The thing that I am sad most about is when I see an animal who gets killed in the middle of the street. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with me. It means my mind deals with this kind of things differently. Same for TV shows. There are certain episodes of shows that I can not ever watch again because they make me so sad that I cry. The logic side of my brain knows that its fiction but I just can’t deal with what is being shown, example, the episode in Criminal Minds where Hotch’s ex-wife is killed by the Reaper… I can NEVER watch that episode ever again.

I have uber senses (if only my eyesight was one of them). It’s not bad, it just means I avoid situations where I am likely to be affected… It’s not bad, just means that I am different.

Differences make you who you are and that is something that we all need to accept. If we were all the same, we would not have the breakthroughs that we have in art, science, music and many other things… If we were, all the same, we may as well be wearing gray jumpsuits and all have numbers instead of names.


10 thoughts on “Being Different is not BAD

      1. Yes the same for our family, it took us a while after diagnosis to just be,
        My kids are learning to just love who they are again, which is great, they have always been wonderful to me .


      2. I have found just listening when things are having issues is something that goes a long way. If you are also dealing with autism then there is something that you could use to try and help avoid melt downs if you are interested. I am going to do a post about it soon so keep an eye out.


      3. I am interested and be sure to keep a look out, for us it is autism, anxiety tourettes and depression. I love reading things others have gone through because it helps us feel connected to others who have experienced it and have learnt things along the way,πŸ˜€


      4. That is something that has helped me embrace who I am as well. I only got diagnosed last year at the age of 31. I didnt understand much about my behaviours and differences and so spent the most of the last 365 day trying to figure things out. I feel a lot stronger now and one of the things that has helped me is working for a company that is very supportive. I also ask them to call me out on “bad” behaviour because the statistics of Autistics in work is quite low (discounting those who cant work) and so I dont want to set a precident of being allowed to do “bad” things just because I am autistic. If I can work on myself and not have the phrase “its ok she is autistic” then I am happy


      5. That is good, glad you have a supportive work place, my son and daughter were diagnosed with in a month of each other now there anxiety is much lower they also want to be told when there doing things wrong, I learnt that saying no to the school and my kids. No exclusions and no to me picking them up they are coping much better. Take one day at a time it is a learning curve maybe hard sometimes but will help you in the end, thanks for sharing always here if you need someone to chat too. πŸ˜€


      6. Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I have posted the one on social energy


    1. It’s the way I have to be otherwise people try and pity you for so many diagnosed but I embrace them instead of feeling shame


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