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Struggles of an Autistic

As people here know, I was diagnosed as autistic at the beginning of the year. It started to make more sense to me about what I go through on a daily basis. One thing, in particular, is my routine. We have made it so that every Friday is our Pizza night.

However, what makes it 10 times worse is when you live with people who do not understand or believe in the diagnosis that you were given. They neither like to help or prepare me when my routine is changed. When I question why my routine is changed they give me grief, abuse, and anger. I don’t understand why they can’t just accept that I am autistic and I need an like my routine.

I need to get away from here. I need to be free to be me… but how can I do that when people don’t want to help me and judge me for everything that I do. I need help.


4 thoughts on “Struggles of an Autistic

  1. Routine is vital to me too. I don’t cope with change well, especially sudden changes of plans. I tend to freak out or shut down completely and withdraw.


    1. Me to but I live in a family that does not support or help me. They change things around and then hurl abuse at me for getting upset. I need to get out of this house I cant

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      1. That sounds like a total nightmare I’m so sorry I hope you find somewhere else to live or something::(


      2. Thank you. I have had to set up an anonymous go fund me page so that I can raise some extra money to get me sorted for where I need to live. No one seems willing to help me 😦


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