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Blind Date Tragedy

So yesterday, I went on my first date in 9 years 2 months after my ex and I broke up. It was a blind date set up by a “friend” who thought myself and the guy would be suitable for each other.

Should have had warning signs that the guy wanted the date during the day, however, it could have been more chivalrous, I had been watching the complete season of Foyles War so maybe he was a throwback to then.

Oh how I was soooooo wrong.

Firstly, the first statement out of his mouth was: “I guess the photo our mutual friend gave me was from back in the day” This may not of been so bad, except he was clearly saying I looked older I guess.

I brushed this off. However, we sat down for food. It was an Italian resteraunt which had lots of carby food and I was asked…”Should I really be eating so much carbs”… That was clearly a fat comment GRR. This followed suit again with the deserts.

After the date he decided that I should walk home “because I clearly needed the excersise” ERRRM


has this what has come of the dating world since I was single #OffMen


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