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Today I am going to talk about hopelessness. This is something that I am feeling at the moment. I live in an abusive household and the thing that is holding me back honestly is the lack of cash. I have tried raising money through gofundme to help me get what I need to continue with my Thank You Campaign as well as finding somewhere to live but never get anywhere. I am now at a stage where I have just given up. I just have to accept that I am not going to be the person who gets out of their bad situation. I just have a sheer sense of hopelessness and apathy now.

Unless I get a HUGE random act of kindness in the form of money or win the lottery I am resigned to my lot in life..


4 thoughts on “Hopelessness

  1. Have you tried women’s help shelters? Things for domestic violence? I’m sure if you can find the right people you can get the right help. Social services maybe? The police?

    Someone has to be able to get you of if there if you’re being abused.

    Huge hugs to you


    1. Unfortunately because of the type of abuse and the situation that I am in there is no help available.

      I am just on my own.

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